Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Only Night Football Should Be On Mondays -- And Not The Colleges, Either

Another one of those NFL seasons kicks off tonight, and that's the problem right there.

Do we REALLY need Thursday night football? And it's not just the pros; the colleges are doing it now, too. In fact, NCAA football is slowly infiltrating every day of the week now. Florida State and Miami squared off this past Monday, as if it was a postseason National Championship-type of thing. Tuesday night college football is becoming more and more prevalent on ESPN, too. What does THAT do to a coach's preparation? And how does it affect the game played before and after a Tuesday contest? Do you have to play the following Saturday as well? We don't need it, I'm telling you!

Look, here's the football schedule, to me: high schools on Friday night, colleges on Saturday afternoon, and the pros on Sunday, plus the traditional Monday night game. That's it -- end of story.

I don't want to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but I just can't get into a college football game under the lights during the week. It takes away from the whole college football experience, in my mind. With games on just about every day, what's so special about Saturday afternoons anymore?

And how about the attendees of these games? Doesn't an evening start time screw up their schedule? Rush home from work, throw on the old college sweatshirt, grab a few snacks and fight the traffic. I tell you, it leaves no time for tailgating -- a glorious football tradition, whether it's on Saturday or Sunday. Then the game ends after 11pm, then the drive home.....


Of course, I haven't touched on class attendance, which isn't all that popular to do when it comes to college ball. But, seriously, when do these kids have time to go to class as it is? Then you throw in all these midweek games to boot, and you have to wonder.

So the NFL starts tonight, with the Raiders and the Patriots, and I'm still trying to figure out why that game can't wait til Sunday, or even Monday. For years, the previous season's Super Bowl champs played their opening game on Monday Night Football. It was one of those subtle traditions that many fans weren't even totally conscious of.

Keep the games on Saturdays and Sundays! (and Monday night). After all, isn't that what TiVo is for?


dolphinfan said...

It's all about the money. I have to admit, I like Thursday night football. It's like a quick fix before Saturday.

Ian C. said...

I'm not a fan of Thursday night games, pro or college. And not just because I now have to decide between Patriots-Raiders and 'The O.C.'

(I also hate the bells and whistles the NFL attaches to this first game, but that's another point.)

I understand why mid-major schools do it. ("National TV? Sure!") But I agree that it all takes something away from the novelty of Saturday afternoons (or even Saturday nights). I'm just glad schools like Michigan don't sell themselves out to the television mistresses.