Thursday, September 15, 2005

Lions Need To Win Big, So Of Course They Probably Won't

They say that every game in the NFL is big, and it's hard to argue with that, considering there are only 16 of them in a regular season.

So of course what would I say other than this Sunday's Lions tilt against Da Bears is a crucial game?

Going into the bye week 2-0 -- and 2-0 in the division -- would be a wonderful thing for this team. One win at home, one on the road -- nice and neat and tidy with a week off to boot.

But it's also big because if the Lions are truly contenders for the NFC North title, like they want us to believe, they need to beat up on teams like the Bears, whether it's in Chicago, Detroit, or the Swiss Alps. This is because nowhere did I see anyone predicting more than four wins this season out of the Used-to-be-Monsters of the Midway. In other words, they are supposedly the dregs of the NFL, so they should be a "W" if you play your cards right.

But the difference between winning and losing in the NFL, despite the disparity of the teams playing, is often only a play or two or three. And the Lions haven't always done well in the "we make more big plays than our opponents" department, as you know.

The Lions not only need to win Sunday, they need to put a whipping on the Bears, who are playing with a rookie quarterback and not much speed on either side of the ball. It is a situation ripe for the picking, which means the Lions will probably struggle. But a convincing win would enable them to puff out their chests, grab a little momentum, and declare themselves the kings of the NFC North jungle.

But don't you dare bet on it.

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