Thursday, September 01, 2005

Finley A Spur? Now We Can All Breathe Again, Apparently

So Michael Finley will be a San Antonio Spur. The Eastern Conference is now safe again.

If you listen to some folks around here, the Finley sweepstakes were going to determine who would win the NBA East next season -- either the Pistons or the Miami Heat. Both teams had an interest in the former Mavericks guard, and Pistons fans gnashed their teeth over the prospects of Finley -- a local kid -- playing with Shaq.

"We don't need Dale Davis!," the naysayers cried, referring to the veteran big man Joe Dumars signed in lieu of snagging Finley, who was to back up Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton. "The Heat just won the East!"

Miami supposedly is much improved, adding Antoine Walker and Jason Williams to the fold. The signing of Finley was the straw that was going to break the Pistons' camel backs.

But in the end Finley picked the Spurs, who were thought to be behind the Heat in the bidding war. So I guess San Antonio just won the 2006 NBA Championship.

But as I've said time and time again, if Joe Dumars says it's going to rain pork chops, I'm bringing out my knife and fork, and a bib. My faith in him is blind, which sometimes is easier on the tummy.

The Heat didn't sign Michael Finley. Neither did the Pistons. NOW who is going to win the East?

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