Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Just Dread Those NFL Locks

There's a disturbing trend in the NFL and I want to know if you can help me out with it.


At first I thought it was just our new DB, R.W. McQuarters, who was sporting this look. But after my first Sunday with NFL Sunday Ticket (AWESOME, by the way) on DirecTV, I noticed that just about every team in the league has their R.W. McQuarters. Dreadlocks were spilling out from the bottom of helmets all over the NFL.

Maybe it's the Samson Effect. Maybe these guys just don't have time to get their hair cut. Or maybe it's simply a new trend, albeit an ugly one. Whatever, it's very unattractive. All that hair flopping around looks like the league suddenly became inhabitated with Bob Marley impersonators. "Ya -- me play footbol, mon."

Hairstyles of football players used to be a secret, mysterious thing, only to be revealed on the of chance the player was shown doffing his helmet on the sideline. I remember an old NFL Films clip of receiver Gene Washington of the 49'ers, circa the early 1970's, wrenching his helmet off, bit by bit, until it literally popped off his head, the massive centrifugal force of Washington's Afro finishing the helmet removal for him. But with these overflowing locks, the mystery of what lies beneath the hat is gone.

These guys, especially the running backs and receievers, better be careful, however. The way I see it, these dreads are just another thing for potential tacklers to grab onto. Or will that be a 15-yard penalty?

"Illegal take down by follicle."

Or something like that.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought that having locks is a part of black culture and that by insulting locks you are also insulting black culture?

Maybe you're fine with insulting black culture, actually, that wouldn't surprise me, at all.

People decide to style their hair various ways for various reasons, for many of my friends that are of African descent they choose to lock their hair up because it is an easy way to keep their hair clean and easily managed. Having to have your hair braided, can be a pain for some and also time consuming! Some people would rather not shave their heads, and as for women, some of them lock their hair because perming it slowly destroys their hair.


Joo Young Choi

MCS Magazine said...

Yeah, Eno. Geez. How insensitive.


dolphinfan said...

Ricky Williams was tackled by his hair a few seasons ago and the NFL ruled it as the hair being a part of the uniform. Meaning it could be used to bring a player down.

Anonymous said...

I think that these guys are just getting in touch with their feminine side...it's about time!!

Ian C. said...

I often think of the movie Predator when I see dreads flowing out from underneath a football helmet.

Scuzzy Shelton said...

"I Just Dread Those NFL Locks"

Bob Marley Impersonator "I play footbol, mon"

"takedown by follicle."

HA! Whoa! Watch out for this guy, he's got the jokes to give your ribs a ticklin'! You dope, spare us the cornball humor.

Anonymous said...

you are ignorant. get some culture in your life please.

Anonymous said...

Its none of these I am not black I do play football and have dreads. Its about how you want you appearance to be in a uniform its like wearing a visor its for eye protection but no body really wears it for that reason. Its just a look we play football how is are hair so important. This is a stupid topic. Really DUMB...