Wednesday, September 28, 2005

MSU Favored Over Michigan? You Better Believe It!

The moon is just the sun at night. The Pope is Baptist. A month of Sundays just came in. Snowmen are being built in hell.

All this, and more, because Michigan State is favored over once-mighty U-M this Saturday, and if the Spartans have ever been favored in this rivalry, it's perhaps written on a Dead Sea scroll somewhere.

Okay, so it hasn't been quite THAT long, but this is about as topsy-turvy of a MSU/U-M week as you're ever going to see. The Sparties are 4-0, ranked #11, kicking some ass, and the Wolves? Wellll....

"I don't remember ever going into a game at Michigan feeling like an underdog," U-M coach Lloyd Carr said recently. The players say they don't mind the feeling, but you know it's got to eat at them to be GIVEN 4 1/2 points against State. It's like Spiderman needing help climbing stairs.

But MSU better be careful. If they think this one's in the bag because the Wolves are down a bit, then they have dibs on another think. Truthfully, maybe three of those 4 1/2 points are due to the Spartans' home field advantage; if the game was at the Big House, I'd be interested to see the line.

Still, MSU is favored, fair and square. And they should be. They have clearly been the better of the two football teams this season.

Quick joke: what do the Wolverines and Lloyd Carr both have in common?

They each have two "L's."

You're welcome.

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