Monday, September 12, 2005

It's Nice When Your Opponent Defeats Itself, Ain't It?

(note: every Monday, "Out of Bounds", like every other Detroit sports blog on the planet, will take a look at the Lions' Sunday performance)

Monday Morning Quarterbacking.....

The scoreboard read Lions 17, Packers 3, but if you want to know the truth, the Packers were defeated by Green Bay, or Green Bay was defeated by the Packers. Take your pick.

If you commit turnovers, get flagged for 14 penalties for 100 yards and botch a field goal snap, you have self-destructed like one of those mini cassettes on "Mission: Impossible." And you have, quite frankly, defeated yourself.

But give the Lions credit. They took away the big play from Brett Favre, they committed no turnovers themselves, and they were relatively penalty-free. So the final score was pretty much where it should have been.

Still, the Lions better know that not too many of their opponents, no matter how wretched, are going to implode like the Pack did yesterday. They also better remember that they started 1-0 in 2003 and 2004, and we all know how THAT turned out.

First impressions from yesterday: not crazy about the black uniforms. Second impressions: the offensive line still stinks. Third impressions: this Marcus Pollard guy is alright. It's nice to have a tight end who can catch the football from time to time. Fourth impression: Kevin Jones is the real deal. I liked yesterday's performance almost BECAUSE of the fact that his longest run was only seven yards. It shows me he can grind it out, too, instead of just getting the pretty yardage. He won't make people forget Barry Sanders, but he will make us remember Kevin Jones.

So one down, 15 to go. And Charlie Rogers didn't break his collarbone, either.


Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife, Sharon. It's 13 years today, and if anyone deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor, it's her, for putting up with me for a baker's dozen worth of annums. Love ya, babe -- here's to 13 more, and then some.

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