Monday, April 25, 2005

Once Upon A Time, There Were Two Former Guards....

Thank heaven for acrimony.

Do you realize that it could be the Pistons, not the New York Knicks, who are being dragged into the depths of the NBA by the boat anchor that is Isiah Thomas?

If Thomas had not had his falling out with Pistons management, then Joe Dumars would not have had the opportunity to bring the team back to championship status.

Goofus (left) and Gallant

And when you look at Thomas' post-playing career resume, you should thank your lucky stars if you're a Pistons fan worth his/her salt.

Here's Zeke's ghoulish history after he hung up his sneakers and donned a suit:

--Running the CBA into the ground
--Making a mess of the Toronto Raptors
--Being a so-so coach of the Pacers
--Piloting the Knicks as if he was blindfolded

Here's the Dumars file (Gallant to Isiah's Goofus):

--Taking the dregs of a 30-win team and, operating within budget, turning into an NBA champion within four seasons

Enough said.

There's something to be said for irreconciable differences.

How hard up is Jackson for Broadway, anyway?

Now I see where Phil Jackson is planning on meeting with Zeke to discuss the Knicks coaching job. Is he that desperate to coach his former team?

Oh, Isiah!

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Mr Bob said...

Basketball is the only sport I could care less about. When I was young the ABA was in and Dan Issel and Artis Gilmore were heroes of mine, but now they are just a bunch of millionare whiners. One with character like David Robinson is the exception to the rule!
Oh and THANK YOU for the blogroll mention.