Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Is Lou Piniella An Idiot? His Own Players Say No -- To His Face

The face of an idiot?

If Lou Piniella is, indeed, an idiot, it would only be because he agreed to manage the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, which in terms of baseball jobs is about as attractive as being Cubs fan Steve Bartman.

Why Lou is still scuffling around with the D-Rays is anyone's guess, but apparently his team has a beanball thing going on with the Boston Red Sox. If you think this is tantamount to a mouse having a heated rivalry with a lion, well there you have it.

Regardless, the teams danced again this weekend, and according to Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, on the field during the melee, Devil Ray players moaned that their manager, Piniella, was egging this sort of "tough guy" behavior on. "That's why we lose 100 games a year," D-Ray players said per Schilling, "because that idiot (Piniella) makes us do this stuff."

Naturally Piniella, who has a temper about as short as Earl Boykins, went off, calling a team meeting and asking if anyone had made the "idiot" comment. And, wouldn't you know, "They all denied it, to a man," Piniella said. Gee, what a surprise! Can you imagine that meeting?

"Alright, which one of you called me an idiot the other day?"


"You're all denying it?"

25 men nodding their heads.

My, what could be more proof than that?

Piniella also told the media, "I've forgotten more baseball than he (Schilling) knows."

Now that's original, Lou!

Look, I don't think Lou Piniella is an idiot. But if he thinks anyone on his ballclub is going to admit calling him that, then maybe he is a fool.

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