Thursday, April 14, 2005

My Choice For Mural? Why Not Willie?

The Cadillac Tower building mural is empty! Oh, goodness, gracious!

The mural, which has featured MUCH larger-than-life images of Barry Sanders and, most recently, Steve Yzerman, sits white and blank.

Of course, this has prompted the question: Who should adorn the mural next?

That's easy: Rosa Parks. Aretha Franklin. Henry Ford. Heck maybe even Eminem.

But pre-supposing that it must be a sports figure, which it probably will be, then why not Willie Horton?

Willie Horton, a Tiger through and through. Willie Horton, who grew up on the sandlots of the west side and gave folks a sneak peek of things to come when he hit a home run at Tiger Stadium while still a high schooler, in a PSL championship game. Willie Horton, who has served the organization in so many capacities -- player, coach, instructor, ambassador, front office assistant. Willie Horton, who has done so much for the city and its youth.

Yes, I believe old #23 would look mighty fine adorning the Cadillac wall.

If those fans look higher, maybe they'll see Willie on the Cadillac Building, too

Sure, I know he already has a statue at Comerica Park; so what? The mural is temporary, anyway, and what better time to place a baseballer up there than now, on the dawn of a new season?

Nobody asked me, of course, but I vote for Horton.

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Kevin Antcliff said...

Although we live in a nostalgic society (see VH1), we reward people on a "what have you done for me lately" basis. My guess is Ben Wallace gets a shot. Or maybe they combine the ideas, and they toss Joe D. up on the building.