Saturday, April 23, 2005

Michael & Roy: Playing With Lions

Another Williams? Another Receiver?

Now I know why they call them "mock drafts".

The Lions mocked all the NFL experts and pundits by selecting USC receiver Mike Williams with the 10th pick in the 2005 draft. So much for going for defense.

But that's okay, you see, because if you listen to the Lions, they're now so good and have so few holes that they could pretty much draft anyone they damn well wanted to draft -- and so they did.

Oh, Williams might be a smart enough pick. He's huge -- 6'5", 229 pounds, and comes from a glamorous offense that won a national championship last year. Problem was, Williams wasn't around. He didn't play last year, having been banned from NCAA play after his failed bid to enter the 2004 draft. Still, he was considered highly enough to be the third receiver selected today. So when you think about it, to have three young receivers like Mike Williams, Roy Williams and Charles Rogers could be pretty darn exciting.

But, as usual with the Lions, who will be catching the ball is far more certain than who will be throwing it. Only three months until the Great QB Debate in Allen Park. But that's another posting. Heck, that's another blog.

With apologies to the Las Vegas act, Michael and Roy and the Lions should be far more enjoyable than Siegfried and company. Although our guys have been known to be mauled at times, too.

Will This Man Be Throwing To
The Williamses Come September?

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