Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What, Me Wrong? Pistons In Seven -- As Guaranteed

The legacy of Willis Reed is safe after all.

Didn't you think Dwyane Wade's "dramatic" entrance onto the floor last night just before Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finalas was a tad contrived? As TNT's Craig Sager wrung his hands in his tangerine suit, actually asking us to believe that a decision on Wade's availability had yet to be made just minutes before tipoff, it was ridiculously obvious that the Heat staff was trying to manufacture a Reed-like moment, presumably to gain inspiration.

Willis Reed: Now THERE was an injury!

Reed of the New York Knicks literally hobbled onto the court just before Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals at Madison Square Garden, a game in which he wasn't expected to play due to a very painful knee injury suffered in Game 6. But that was real. Reed truly wasn't being counted on, and indeed he only played 15 minutes, only scored four points (he hit his first two shots, including the Knicks' first basket) and only grabbed three rebounds, but his very presence was absolutely a boost, as the Knicks destroyed the Lakers. Reed moved around like someone who should have had his leg in a cast, not on a basketball court.

But anyone who thought Wade, with today's medical treatments and pharmaceuticals, wouldn't play in a Game 7 due to some painful ribs -- not denying the fact that they surely hurt him -- must be in quite a state of denial. The timing of his entrance onto the court was so contrived it was funny -- almost as funny as TNT's taking the bait and trying to add to the "drama." Of course, that's what they're known for: Drama.

And the faithful readers of this little blog -- and you both know who you are -- know that yours truly hit this thing right on the money after Game 5's debacle. I said the Pistons would wipe the floor with the Heat in Game 6, then win a close one down the stretch two nights later. You may hold your applause to the end.

But I don't want to get too cocky; my prediction was also driven by my disgust over the Pistons' performance in Game 5. Still, I was right, so nyaa-nyaa-nyaa-nyaa.


As for The Finals, the Pistons will win those too. More on that later.

You wanna doubt me?


Kevin Antcliff said...

Oh, great and wise Eno....tell me what MY future holds!

I'm not sure we can take the Spurs, but if you say we can, then we can!

dolphinfan said...

I picked the Pistons as well. I say they win the Finals in 6 games or less.