Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Placido Polanco: Fun To Say, Fun To Eat (Well, Not Literally)

There are some sports names that I’ve known over the years that are simply fun to say:
Chico Maki. Manu Tuaiasosopo. Harthorne Wingo. Spud Webb.

And now, Placido Polanco.

Polanco, who I didn’t really know because I don’t follow the National League, is a cherub-looking guy with a face as round as a baseball. But he’s already won me over; the guy can flat out hit. My colleague at Motor City Sports Magazine, Muneesh Jain, was beside himself when the Tigers acquired second sacker Polanco from the Phillies for reliever Ugueth Urbina.

“We don’t NEED a second baseman!,” Muneesh wailed to me.

“What if he hits .390 in his first month?,” I should have said. Then I would have looked like a freaking soothsayer.

Polanco has done nothing but hit the bejeebers out of the ball, play some decent second base, and filled the #2 spot in the batting order like custard in a donut – yummily.

It should be noted that Polanco didn’t just start hitting when he pulled on the Olde English D. He is no stranger to the .300 mark. The Phillies let him go because they are high on young Chase Utley. But after watching Polanco swing the bat and play second, this Utley better be the second coming of Joe Morgan.

So thanks, Philly – we’ll take Placido. Even if my friend Muneesh doesn’t think we need him.

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Ian C. said...

That's looking like a great trade so far, though I was also disappointed in the "less-than-sexy" return when the deal was first made.

Polanco has given the Tigers' lineup a patient bat and helped stabilize a position (2nd base) that wasn't working nearly as well as the Tigers were hoping it would.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with Infante if Detroit ends up signing Polanco to a new deal. I think he's too talented to give up on, yet I'm not sure what he'd fetch in a trade.