Monday, June 27, 2005

The College World Series? High School Calculus Was Easier To Figure Out! (But You Could Win A T-Shirt)

Today’s post is a contest of sorts.

I need your help.

One of those wonderful “Out of Bounds” t-shirts will be available later this summer (when the new batch is ready) for the person who can tell me, correctly, how the heck the College World Series of baseball is formatted.

I survived high school calculus. I went to college – and graduated, too! I even made it through our daughter’s fifth grade homework this past school year. But I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the College World Series.

Now, I must admit, I am not a fan of college baseball. Never have been. The aluminum bats turn me off; I can’t get past those. Anyhow, maybe that is contributing to my dumbness when it comes to what is, I assume, their granddaddy event. You might wonder, then, why do I care how they run the darn thing, if I am not a fan?

Sometimes you just need to know certain things, even if it doesn’t truly matter. The College World Series absolutely doesn’t affect me, because I couldn’t care less who wins it, frankly. But I would also, at the same time, dearly like to know how the tournament works because it’s one of those mysteries, like Ted Koppel’s hair, that you’d kind of like to be explained.

Plus, I’m in the mood to give out a t-shirt or two.

If more than one person responds with the correct answer, I’ll put their names in a hat and draw. Or you can fight to the death for it – whichever strikes your fancy.

So please post a comment or email me at to clue me in.


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