Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Trivia Answers

Thanks to those who played my little Super Bowl trivia game this weekend. Here are the answers. The winner will be notified tomorrow. And he (or she) will walk away with a cool $25. Not bad for a little blog contest, eh?

1. Super Bowl V was the only time the Cowboys wore their blue jerseys in the big game

2. Craig Morton was the other losing no. 7 for Denver (Super Bowl XII)

3. Don McCafferty of the Colts coached the Lions in 1973, and died in July 1974

4. Desmond Howard was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXI

5. Both CBS and NBC televised Super Bowl I

6. Preston Pearson played for champs in both Dallas and Pittsburgh

7. Doug Williams was the first African-American starting QB, and he won the MVP in Super Bowl XXII

8. John Taylor caught the game-winning pass from Montana in Super Bowl XXIII

9. Hank Stram (KC) and Weeb Ewbank (NYJ) were the two AFL-winning Super Bowl coaches. Ewbank coached the Colts to the NFL Title in 1958

10. Bill Walsh of the 49ers dressed like a bellhop in Detroit in 1982

11. Mike Bass was the interceptor of Yepremian's "pass" in Super Bowl VII

12. The six current NFL teams that have never appeared in a Super Bowl are: Detroit, Cleveland (the new version), Jacksonville, Arizona, Houston, and New Orleans

13. Namath made his guarantee at a dinner the Thursday night before the game. The famous poolside photo of Namath was taken on a separate occasion that week.

14. Houston (twice) is the only Texas city to host a Super Bowl

15. Two answers are accepted: Buffalo, and Minnesota each have lost four Super Bowls, in addition to Denver

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