Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Desperate Enough To Want Me In Your Weekly Inbox? Here's How

As if pining about the Lions isn't bad enough for your psyche, what if I told you that you might be on the outside looking in at an incredible offer?

Okay, so it might not be so incredible, but there are actually folks out there who consider themselves lucky -- or maybe cursed -- to be on the "Out of Bounds" e-mailing list.

What is that, you ask?

Every Saturday morning my weekly 1000-word column will wind up in your inbox, should you choose to do so. Simply email me at GregorySEno@aol.com with your address, and voila -- a fresh column every Saturday.

Now how can you say no to that? Never mind -- forget I asked.

Anyhow, the weekly column does indeed appear here every Sunday, but isn't it cool to say you read it before anyone else?

Again, don't answer that. Instead, email me if you want to be added to the growing "OOB" weekly subscribership!

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