Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Case Of Three Roy Williams (Add Me)

(l to r): Roy Williams Roy Williams Roy Williams (soon-to-be)

I am going to court today.

Relax, it's not what you think. Rather, I'd like to walk into whatever department handles this sort of thing and ask to have my name legally changed to Roy Williams.

Look, I want a piece of the action that having that sobriquet obviously generates. The Lions' Roy had three touchdown catches in Sunday's win over the Cardinals, and the Dallas Cowboys' Roy had the game-winning score -- a 46 yard TD return of an interception -- in their huge Monday night matchup in Philadelphia.

I figure I could use some Roy Williams luck right about now. Heck, who couldn't, right? If I changed my moniker to Roy Williams, maybe my income would jump. Maybe my 12 year-old daughter wouldn't think her dad is a sports-infused geek. Maybe my trick knee would behave itself.

I figure it's worth a shot. It's every man for himself out there, you know? You do what you have to do to climb that ladder in life, so if having people address me as "Roy" or "Mr. Williams" or "RW" would make that happen, I'm cool with that. I'd even forgive my wife for calling out "Greg" in moments of passion.

But seriously, the Roy Williams wave is high, and I want to ride it, baby, ride it for as long as I can.

And how about this? The two Roys square off this Sunday, in Texas Stadium. So see? It's guaranteed that Roy Williams is going to come out on top once again.

Call me Roy.


the sports dude said...

Hey Roy, you are definetly the most athletic looking of the three Roy's pictured there!

Hey, where is the link for the sports dude at here! I see you got my buddy the sports pig, but where's the dude?


Greg Eno said...

My bad!! You're on! Thanks!

dolphinfan said...

Don't forget about Roy Williams the basketball coach who won the natoional championship at North Carolina.

At one point all the Roy Williams' were in the Big 12 causing Sooner fans to dub their Roy, now with the Cowboys, the Real Roy Williams.

Mario Ceste said...

I remember when there was Roy Williams (Sooners), Roy Williams (Horns) and Reggie Williams (Huskies). It was impossible to understand anyone when they made reference to Williams or R. Williams. You can't even use the name Williams with the Horns because they had that hippie named Ricky Williams that also played pretty good ball for them. Don't forget about the Williams' sisters, I'm sure they were named Roy before the sex change.

Anonymous said...

What does the R.W. in RW McQuarters stand for?

Greg Eno said...

HA HA! You want me to say "Roy Williams", don't you?