Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Coke or Pepsi? Pete Rose In or Out? They're One And The Same

Yes, they have something in common (read on)

Now that the stench of the Steve Mariucci era is starting to slowly waft away, may as well open up a can of worms to replace it.

The 2006 candidates for the Baseball Hall of Fame were announced yesterday, and Pete Rose's window has officially closed -- for the writers' ballots. Rose can now only be elected by the Veterans Committee, several years hence.

It's a can of worms because, even though Rose cannot be elected by the BBWAA, he can still get in -- eventually, and that means the question of whether he should be inducted in Cooperstown will never truly go away.

It's great fodder for debate and ribald discussion -- Rose's Hall of Fame eligibility. It's beginning to rank up there with the spirited discussions of whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing President Kennedy (he did), or whether he was part of a conspiracy (he wasn't). All you need to do to get a dull party moving is to say, "I think Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame -- what do YOU think?" Then, watch the fur fly.

It's kind of like Coke or Pepsi, Rose's eligibility. People's minds are unlikely to be changed. Either you believe he should be in, or you don't. Fence-sitting is nearly impossible. Isn't it funny how, in this country, we love to spend time on issues about which 99% of the people won't ever change their minds? Just like all the dough the two cola makers spend, when nobody EVER changes allegiances from Coke to Pepsi, or vice-versa.

But yet it's intoxicating, the Rose question. It's kind of like the weather; you talk about it to break up uncomfortable gaps in conversation. If you're with a fellow sports fan and suddenly there is an awkward silence, just toss out the Pete Rose issue and you've bought yourself about five minutes, at least, of discussion.

By the way, Pete Rose SHOULD be in the Hall of Fame. And I prefer Pepsi. And don't bother trying to change my mind.

How about that weather, huh?

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Sports Litter said...

Pepsi is awful! Maybe that's just because I live in the south and Coke is everywhere down here.

I also agree Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. As far as we know he never bet while he was a player, only a manager. The Hall should be based on what you did as a player on the field.

Coke and Let him in