Thursday, August 11, 2005

This Year's Curse Busters: The Chicago White Sox!

It must be in vogue now to break curses. It’s a new trend, apparently. It began last season with the Red Sox putting the ghost of Babe Ruth where the sun don’t shine.

Now the White Sox seem on their way to exorcising their own demons.

I gotta tell ya, I thought, back in May and June, that the Chisox would come down to earth. I thought there was no way this club could come out of nowhere and play .660 ball for an entire season. But everytime I look, their record is on par with our beloved ’84 Tigers, who started 35-5 and never looked back.

What tells me that this may be their year is they keep winning those darned one-run ballgames, many of them in extra innings. They did it again last night, victimizing the Yankees 2-1 in 10 frames. Making the Yanks victims is also becoming a hot new item.

The White Sox haven’t won a World Series since Babe Ruth was a teenager. It’s been almost 100 years, folks. They haven’t even been to the Big Dance since 1959 – 46 years ago for all you non-mathematicians. There were divisional crowns in ’83 and ’93, but that’s been it. In neither case did they come close to advancing past the ALCS.

They are making a mockery of what was already a suspect AL Central. Even the Twins, who have owned the division lately, have been made pedestrian by these South Siders. Not even injuries to the aptly named Big Hurt, Frank Thomas, have slowed the Sox down. They have pitching, defense, clutch hitting, a pugnacious little manager, and what else do you need?

But this isn’t just some cute little team that is only capable of winning the Central. They have the goods to go all the way. They’ve done it to the league for this long – why not a little longer? I’ve given up on them folding. They show no signs of slowing down. Frankly, I don’t think manager Ozzie Guillen would allow it, anyway. He reminds me of Billy Martin, only Latin American and sober.

I know it may still be too early to call the AL for the White Sox; this isn’t an election, after all. But if you can find any chinks in their armor, I’d sure be glad if you’d let me know about them. I don’t think even the mighty Red Sox have what it takes to upend the White Sox’ apple cart.

Plus, the Red Sox are so last year, anyway. This year’s curse busters reside in the Windy City.

Do I hear “Cubs in 2006?”

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Ian C. said...

I would love to see the White Sox win the World Series, mostly to shut up Cubs fans. :) But seriously, how wrong was EVERYONE on the White Sox. Some writers picked them to finish behind the Royals in the AL Central.

But doesn't Oakland look like the team to beat right now in the AL?