Friday, August 19, 2005

Lloyd Carr On The Hot Seat? Don't You Believe It

The Sporting News is a fairly reputable rag -- I subscribe to it so it must be -- but I recently read where they feel U-M football coach Lloyd Carr is on the "hot seat" because, according to TSN, he gets the "least out of his players than any other coach in the Big Ten."

Now, wait just a cotton-pickin' minute here.

First, you can't win the conference every year. And last I checked, the Wolves pretty much compete for the title year after year anyhow. There ARE other good programs in the Big Ten. Second, who's to say that Carr gets "the least" out of his players? How is THAT measured? Third, Lloyd Carr is no more on the "hot seat" than I am about ready to take his place. Carr will coach U-M until he's good and ready to retire, and that's how it should be. He has done nothing but win and win, and if the alumni and fans don't see that, then they have set a bar that is far too high.

Carr should be able to stay until he's ready to retire

Carr runs a squeaky clean program, at least as far as we know. And believe me, if there was anything anyone had on U-M football, we'd know about it. He has produced some NFL quarterbacks, which hadn't really been done prior to his reign. His players have nothing but good things to say about him, and they don't transfer or get into any serious trouble.

If that's someone who should be on some sort of "hot seat," then something is wrong with college football -- more wrong than what already is.

Carr has taken some heat, and maybe justifiably, for losing some Ohio State games lately. That is what can get a coach fired in Columbus or Ann Arbor -- not winning that last game in November. But prior to Jim Tressel's arrival at OSU, Carr pretty much dominated the Buckeyes. And Lloyd takes care of that school in East Lansing pretty good, too.

I think someone at TSN just felt like throwing a big name, high-profile coach onto their "hot seat" list. You know, so people like me can call them out.

Consider them called.

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Ian C. said...

This is what I usually say to any Michigan "fan" who claims Lloyd Carr is an inferior coach and needs to go:

Is Michigan football better now than before Carr took over the program?