Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Break A Player's Neck And Sit Out 13 Games! -- Only In The Bettman-Led NHL

I haven't gotten to this yet, either because there's been other things on my mind, or I'm still trying to believe it.

Todd Bertuzzi has been reinstated by NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman? Already? For breaking a guy's neck -- literally? After sitting out only 13 NHL games and one round of playoffs? And Bertuzzi is cranky because he thinks he's being reminded of it too much?

But first, Bettman. This guy's a riot, ain't he? He pleads that his hands are tied throughout the entire lockout fiasco, after most of the problem was of his own creation, then when he has a chance to actually show he has some teeth, he wimps out on this Bertuzzi suspension.

Eh, what's a broken neck between opponents, huh?

Bettman seems to think that, since the NHL lost an entire season and playoffs, Bertuzzi has missed enough hockey. Well, news flash, Gary: Bertuzzi still is only 13 games and a round of playoffs short of his peers. And Steve Moore, who was the victim in the on-ice mugging, will probably never play again. THAT's the way to show 'em, Mr. Commish!

I have oftened referred to Bettman as Mr. Irrelevant, because any league commissioner worth his salt would never allow an entire season to be lost due to labor strife, in my mind. He presided over a ridiculously aggressive expansion plan, placing franchises in odd geographic locations, and doing it far too rapidly. This led to financial problems for many teams, and the league as a whole. He didn't bargain in good faith with the players during the lockout because his thinly-veiled plan was to break the union. Bob Goodenow, NHLPA leader, lost his job because he couldn't handle Mr. Irrelevant. That in itself should be call for dismissal, I suppose.

As for Bertuzzi, his semi-tearful press conference the other day should be accompanied by a canister of Morton's salt. For it appeared that the main source of Bertuzzi's tears was the fact that all these bad people are out there "ridiculing" him because he broke a player's neck and ended his career. Does Todd Bertuzzi even know the meaning of the word "ridicule"? Poor Todd just wants to move on and play hockey, you see -- something his victim can't do, but why split hairs, right? I'd bet Steve Moore would love to be ridiculed right now instead of learning how to live his life all over again.

Anyhow, I just wanted to chime in. Just because I hadn't gotten around to it doesn't mean it doesn't bother me. And bother me it does -- very much, actually.

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dolphinfan said...

Punishment in pro sports is a travesty! Look at Kenny Rogers for the Rangers. Give the NBA kudos for sticking to their guns on Ron Artest.