Thursday, August 18, 2005

Looking For A Bright Spot On Tigers? Try Carlos Guillen's Courage

Sometimes, during the course of a long, losing baseball season, it's easy to overlook some of the positives. It's even more frequent to take for granted the few who actually pull their weight on such clubs.

That must explain what is going on with Carlos Guillen right now. Guillen, the Tigers shortstop extraordinaire, has been playing on one leg most of the season. His surgically repaired right knee is only "surgically repaired" by definition; it is hardly "repaired" in the "It feels great!" sense.

Guillen has shown perhaps the most courage and possessed the best work ethic of any Tigers player this mostly miserable season. He never complains or makes excuses, at least not publicly. He simply goes out there and gives it his best shot, even when you know it's killing him -- from a pain standpoint -- to do so. And if that wasn't enough, he's still hitting way over .300 and playing as good defensively as a one-legged man can.

At the moment, Guillen's exploits are being far overshadowed by the fate of Alan Trammell as manager and the supposed ill-feelings of Pudge Rodriguez toward the franchise, and vice-versa from his teammates. But fans should know that Guillen, who will be a Tiger for several years, is a rock that should be appreciated.

Hope that makes watching these guys play a bit more gratifying.

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Ian C. said...

Guillen's efforts to play make Pudge's recent "hip flexor injury" look even more selfish and petulant.

And by the way, the trade for Guillen alone could arguably quiet down any Dombrowski bashers.