Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday's Things

(on most Thursdays at OOB, I rant in list fashion. Last week it was Things I Like [and don't like] About Sports Coverage On TV)

Things Dominik Hasek Does Now That He's The Backup Goalie

Extra time to catch up on back issues of Senior Living magazine

2. Scratches itch to play by flopping on kitchen floor to stop errant bagel

3. Still waiting on that Chris Osgood voodoo doll to come back from Haiti

4. Unsuccessfully trying to convince Mike Babcock that his first round troubles a result of too much partying at the Grand Ole Opry the nights before Games 3 and 4

5. Dominator clothing line coming out with new custom-made seat cushions

6. Will start live blogging from bench during games

7. Daily chants of "The best goalie is the one not playing; the best goalie is the one not playing"

8. Still smarting from that awkward moment recently when everyone in dressing room shut up when he walked in

9. Works on reflexes by channel surfing around commercials

10. Asked for trade to Colorado after second period of Game 4 to shore up their goaltending situation

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