Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday's Things

(on most Thursdays at OOB, I rant in list fashion. Last week it was Things In Sports I'd Love To See)

Things That Made Prized Football Recruit Terrelle Pryor Choose Ohio State Over Michigan

Doesn't trust Michigan after finding out that no wolverines exist in the state

2. Buckeyes' scarlet uniforms hide blood better

3. Is secretly a huge Blue Jackets fan

4. Was afraid Rich Rodriguez might "accidentally" shred his high school football records

5. Jim Tressel's red sweater vests very soothing and grandfatherly

6. Still sees some of Tom Brady's shadow in Ann Arbor

7. Has always wanted to dot the "i" in Ohio during halftime band performances

8. That whole Appalachian State thing

9. Can't wait to help his teammates lose more national championship games for Buckeyes

10. Ann Arbor full of "left wing liberals" and "hippie freaks"

11. Likes all those little stickers the Buckeyes put on their helmets

12. Was promised that he'd never have to visit Cleveland

13. Likes the guaranteed win every November against Michigan

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