Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday's Things

(most Thursdays at OOB, I rant in list fashion. Last week it was Things Overheard At The Shaun Rogers Press Conference When He Was Introduced As A Cleveland Brown)

Things In Sports I'd Love To See

1. Tom Selleck and Billy Crystal in a homerun derby

2. One more Pistons game at Cobo Arena

3. Kobe Bryant pass the ball

4. The Houston Rockets lose again

5. Niklas Kronwall healthy for the playoffs for the Red Wings

6. Niklas Kronwall healthy for the regular season for the Red Wings

7. Niklas Kronwall healthy for the exhibition season for the Red Wings

8. Flip Saunders sit down, just once, while coaching

9. Interleague games in MLB played with AL rules in NL parks, and vice-versa

10. Someone explain to me why we can't enact an overtime rule in the NFL that ensures each team gets the ball once (e-mail me and I'll tell you my proposal:

11. A return to all day games at Wrigley Field

12. An actual, REAL doubleheader in baseball -- not these day-night things

13. No NBA players under 20 years of age

14. How Mel Kiper spends his free time

15. On second thought, I'd rather not

16. The removal of the term "at the end of the day" when talking about ANYTHING -- not just sports

17. Same with "on the same page"

18. The surgical removal of the vocal cords of any announcer who calls the free throw line the "charity stripe"

19. Or the penalty box "the sin bin"

20. The San Francisco Giants put the players' names back on their home jerseys. Who do they think they are? The Yankees or the Cubs or the Red Sox?

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