Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Despite Hot Start, Always Room For Forsberg On Red Wings Roster

One of the nice things about being an ink-stained wretch and a know-it-all blogger is how freely you get to spend other people's money. Even those with budgets. And I am here to dip into Mike Ilitch's deep pockets, thru Kenny Holland.

Red Wings GM Holland has my permission to turn vulture and start picking away at what is a surprisingly early-arrived Philadelphia Flyers carcass.

The 3-12-1 Flyers have already dumped their coach, and their longtime GM has resigned, citing burnout. And toiling away for the Flyers is a diamond among costume jewelry named Peter Forsberg.

Yes, I am ready to sign off on a deal for Forsberg. Kenny Holland may proceed.

He'd look mighty good in red and white

The Red Wings might not seem to need my help, sitting pretty at 12-4-1 and with a nine-game winning streak, which ties a franchise record. Their record is almost 180 degrees from the Flyers'. But sometimes it's the trades you make in November and December, not necessarily the panic-driven ones made on Deadline Day, that will put you over the hump.

Submitted: December, 1995. The Red Wings blitz Montreal Canadiens goalie Patrick Roy for nine goals on their way to a stunning 11-1 romp at the Forum (or whatever they called it back then). Roy, humiliated from being left in for so long, basically quits the team that night. He needs to be traded. And off to Colorado he goes, to become an Avalanche player (when you refer to them individually, is it a Snowball?) and on his way to being one of this city's biggest villains. The Avalanche win the Stanley Cup the following June, upsetting the 62-win Red Wings in the Conference Finals. Patrick Roy is on the short list of reasons why they won the Cup. And he was no Deadline Day pickup.

Prying Forsberg loose from the Flyers might take a little bit of creativity due to salary cap considerations, but the Red Wings did not become what they are by being a vanilla, non-progressive franchise. When there's been a will at Joe Louis Arena, there's usually been a way.

The ingredients Forsberg could add to the Red Wings spicy recipe are numerous: tough play around the net; a goal scorer's knack; playoff experience; a winner's mentality; skills beyond belief. And he just might be easier to snag than you think.

The Flyers have been rumored to be shopping Forsberg, in essence raising the white flag on their season before Thanksgiving. Fitting, because the coach got canned and the GM quit before Halloween. Maybe the Red Wings can get Forsberg by Christmas. Or trade for him New Year's Eve Day and toss him onto the JLA ice in front of the tuxedos and gowns that night. Happy New Year!

So Ken Holland may proceed whenever he would like. He has my approval.

Mr. Ilitch can sign off for me. I'm giving permission on that, too.

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