Monday, May 04, 2009

Kicking It Up A Notch: "The Knee Jerks" Invade Blog Talk Radio!

Good news (I hope!) for all you "Knee Jerks" fans out there!

Big Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience and I, who have a meeting of the (ahem) minds every Thursday in this space, are going to take the chat to Blog Talk Radio, probably eventually phasing out the text version.

To get a sneek preview of what this might sound like, click on our link at BTR.

Our first BTR broadcast will be TONIGHT, May 4, at 11:30pm ET.

Info on how to dial in (if you'd like to participate as a listener/caller) can be found at our BTR link.

More details on how frequently we plan on doing the BTR version of "The Knee Jerks" will be forthcoming. But you can bookmark the BTR link, which will let you know when upcoming broadcasts will occur.

Remember, with BTR, you can listen even if you can't make it when we're live. There's downstream capability, and every broadcast is automatically archived.

Here's hoping you'll join us on BTR!

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