Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If You Missed Last Night's Broadcast Of "The Knee Jerks", No Worries (Just don't let it happen again!)

Last night was Episode Four of the new, improved, Blog Talk Radio version of "The Knee Jerks."

And oh, what an episode it was!

Big Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience and I were joined by Keith Shelton, the No. 1-ranked Red Wings writer on Bleacher Report.

We talked Red Wings-Blackhawks, and after we let Keith go, Al and I got into some Tigers discussion.

Plus, as usual, we played Word Association and named our respective Jerks of the Week.

When Al put Keith on the spot, asking him who would win a Red Wings-Penguins Stanley Cup Final, Shelton said:

"I pick the Red Wings in five or six games. Their defense is what sets them apart from every team in the NHL."

You can visit here to listen to archived shows, or click below to listen to last night's broadcast!

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