Monday, June 23, 2008

Carlin's Football/Baseball Comparison Still A Classic

I didn't much care for George Carlin in his later years. I found his cynicism and sarcasm, which had been honed to a fine, poisonous tip during his prime, had turned into just plain old mean spiritedness and simply wasn't all that funny. I would watch Carlin and squirm more than I would laugh.

But I'm still saddened at his passing yesterday at age 71, because, well, he was one of the comedians I grew up enjoying. Plus -- and this is why he's relevant to OOB -- he did a wonderful bit comparing football to baseball.

He would describe the objective of football in a baritone voice, with the drama of a war movie voice-over, then switch to a frilly, child-like voice in describing baseball.

Perhaps the most famous line was, "In baseball, the object is to go home! I'm going home!"

In football there's the "two minute warning" and in baseball we have "EXTRA innings! We don't know HOW long it will last!"

And so on. Good stuff.

I still think of that Carlin bit from time to time, and decided to use this occasion to look it up on that video version of Google known as YouTube.


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