Monday, June 11, 2007

Vote For Placido!

OOB friend Scott Warheit is upset that the Tigers' Placido Polanco continues to trail the Yankees' Robinson Cano in All-Star voting. So he's launching a campaign among his fellow bloggers -- and fans -- to help Polanco leapfrog Cano and be the AL's starting second baseman.

Scott writes:

In response, I've started a "Go to the Polls for Placido!" voting campaign @ my blog ( and I was hoping that if we were able to spread the word through our various blogs, encouraging people to vote, either on-line or at Comerica Park, we can get Tigers fans behind the campaign.

Consider the word spread, Scott!

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Anonymous said...

i also went "to the polls for placido" about a week and a half ago. the link that you mentioned is exactly where i got it sugar.i have updates on ao-hell, and they alert me of when the game begins,and when it ends. i think it is very cool. i am actually a die hard tiger fan( i love them even when they lose) my grandfather had season tickets as far back as i can remember. i spent many a summer days and summer nights at TIGER STADIUM and i was fortunate to have my grandfather see and enjoy enjoy comerica park also before he passed. i just wanted to say thanks for posting this blog so many fans can see it talk about our passion for baseball.(If this is the right place to do this? you are aces baby, and i shall salute you......your new aquaintance and also a die hard vein smacking detroit tiger Junkie........Rox!