Thursday, March 29, 2007

Write About Other Things? Why, When Sports has It All?

I was talking to fellow writer Dave Ruthenberg the other day. The subject was Dave's foray into writing about things other than -- gasp! -- sports. I wondered whether I should spread my wings and tackle other subjects.

So what else is there?

Sex, of course. Drugs. Rock and roll. Politics. Social commentary.

But here's the thing: you have all that in sports already!!

Now we even have a sports murder mystery on our hands.

Cricket coach Bob Woolmer, 58, was found dead 11 days ago in Jamaica, shortly after his Pakistan squad was surprisingly eliminated from World Cup competition. Within a couple of days, the Jamaican police termed Woolmer's death as "suspicious." And this week, the cause appears to be strangulation. Surveillance camera images are being scoured, looking for any signs of a possible suspect.

But the story doesn't stop there at its insidiousness.

Now reports are coming that suggest Woolmer was silenced to prevent him from revealing stories of match-throwing.

Why, Dave Ruthenberg, write about things other than sports when that world treats you to everything that can be found in a grocery store tabloid or on a NY Times bestseller rack?

But seriously, I would like to try my hand at other forms of writing. I have a few screenplay ideas bouncing around in my head. Maybe someday they'll find their way onto a word processing document. We'll see.

Meanwhile, sports will rule the day, at least on this blog.

And I'll just continue to let all the other subjects poke their head into my sports closet, where I can pick and choose their news worthiness.

The Wide World of Sports.

ABC was right.

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