Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sharp Finally Comes Around RE: The Forsberg Cause

I thought Drew Sharp was supposed to be more on the ball than this.

How can he only just now, at the end of January, suggest something that was found in this space back in mid-November?

Sharp, in today's Freep, bangs the drum for the notion of the Red Wings going after Peter Forsberg, who's a diamond stick pin on the worn out, raggedy suit that is the Philadelphia Flyers.

Glad you joined me, finally, Drew -- and the water's fine.

Wayyy back on November 15, I banged this out for you faithful readers.

So now it seems that Sharp is finally coming around, and for the reasons that I suggested, some sixty or so days ago.

I'm not ragging on Sharp, though I've been known to do that on other occasions. I'm not even making fun of him. If anything, I thought it was amusing that he's making this suggestion only now, even though the Flyers have been bad since, well, opening night.

Perhaps it's because the NHL trading deadline is about a month away, and the talk is sure to heat up about who GM Ken Holland might go after. Perhaps it's because we reached the All-Star break.

Regardless, it's good to see Mr. Sharp joining the cause to pry Forsberg loose from the Flyers and put him into a Red Wings sweater.

But let it be known that the cause began here. Anyone want to challenge me on that?


Leelanau Sports Guy said...

No one's crazy enough to challenge you Eno!

Greg Eno said...

You mean, they're too smart to engage in that, most likely!