Sunday, June 04, 2006

What Can I Say About The Pistons That You Haven't Already Heard? Just This

I suppose I should write something about the Pistons' demise, but what words could I possibly string together that doesn't say something you've already read, heard, or said ad nauseum?

How smart does a blogger have to be to point out that the Pistons shot like grade schoolers? How much observation does it take to question the coach's distrust of his bench? How astute does one have to be to say that the Pistons need a low-post scorer like a fish needs water?

All this, and more I'm sure, you've bantied about, or read, or listened to on sports talk radio. Doubtless your speakers are still vibrating from all the bleating if you tuned in.

The Pistons lost a conference finals series, and perhaps to the straightest thinkers, that's all they lost. There is, I'm pretty sure, always next year. But this isn't the time for straight thinking. This is the time for knee-jerkiness -- correct?

So fire Flip Saunders. Blow up the bench. Do it all, and let Ben Wallace go while you're at it.

That last one is actually the result of some straight thinking.

Sacrifice some defense and put a low-post scorer on the block for this team, and I can all but guarantee a return to the NBA Finals next June. As close as I can, anyway, while the odor of this Heat series still wafts around me.

The Pistons could create the same inside/outside niftiness that the Heat and the Spurs have, and other great teams of the past have possessed. They can do it with the Billups-Hamilton backcourt -- and Tayshaun Prince shooting jumpers. Give the Pistons someone to whom they can toss the ball in the post, and who can either score or get fouled, or kick it back to one of the gunners, and then you'll see something.

No more 4-on-5 -- that's not going to cut it anymore.

So enough about the Pistons. At least they played into June for the third straight season.

Not long enough for a June Swoon, but that's what it felt like.

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