Thursday, July 14, 2005

For My 100th Post: Things That Make You Go "What The $#!%$#?"

According to my Blogger dashboard, this is my 100th post. Champagne, anyone?

So to mark the occasion, I am going to veer from my usual one-topic-per-post format and give you a potpourri of items, culled from merely browsing thru Wednesday’s Detroit Free Press sports section.These items are, just as the above headline screams, things that made me go "What the $#!%#?"

This Bud’s For You....PLEASE
Baseball commissioner Bud Selig held a question-and-answer session with writers covering the All-Star Game. He had this to say when asked why the All-Star Game winner determines home field advantage in the World Series, instead of best regular season record, as in basketball and hockey’s championship rounds (until three years ago, home field was alternated between leagues): "We can’t wait until late September or early October to determine that, relative to hotels and everything else. It takes months."

Altogether, now: "What the $#!%#?"

Excuse me, Mr. Commissioner, but have you been into the Old Milwaukee again? How can basketball and hockey make all the necessary arrangements for home advantage on the fly, round by stinking round, and baseball can’t? And what on earth takes "months" to plan? Hotel reservations? Can’t you just troll around town until you find a "vacancy" sign lit? And what is "everything else"? Mama mia -- that’s alotsa meat-a-bull!

Okay, on to the next item....

Eli Claims He Wuz Robbed

You remember Eli Zaret, right? Face made for radio, voice made for mime? Anyhow, he was sought out by Mike Brudenell way back on page 14D, right above some article about cycling. In the interview, which extolled Zaret’s new-found success in public relations and marketing, Eli said this about not being named to the Tigers’ radio team along with Dan Dickerson and Jim Price:

"I had that job. Someone didn’t want me on the team. Doesn’t matter now; I’m very happy with where my career is."

Well, Eli, if that "someone" who didn’t want you on the team happened to be the person who was in charge of making the decision, then I guess you’re just like every other poor slob out there who applies for a job, interviews, and doesn’t get selected.

"Honey, I had the job....but someone didn’t want me hired."

"Oh? And who was that, dear?"

"The hiring manager."

And by the way, when someone in the world of media says they’re happy with where their career is, they’re not. I’ll bet Eli can’t stand to listen to Tigers broadcasts on the radio.

Moving right along.....

Chelios Bashes Bettman
This one wasn’t so much a "What the $#!$%#?" as a "No $#$!%, Sherlock."

Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios, speaking to Canada’s National Post about NHL commissioner Gary Bettman: "For a guy who has done such a horrible job running a league, it’s a miracle he still has a job...He’s run our league into the ground."

Chelios also suggested that Bettman be fired as soon as the new CBA is signed and ratified.

For my money, any league commissioner worth his salt should never, ever let an entire season be lost due to a labor dispute, or anything else for that matter. It’s unconscionable and totally avoidable. Why even have a commissioner if such an atrocity cannot be averted, especially in a sport like hockey, which needs every fanny and eyeball it can get? I’m dying to see the job description of Bettman’s position.

1. Announce the draft selections.
2. Present the Stanley Cup.
3. Hold press conferences in which you speak grim-faced about your own irrelevance.

Hey, sign me up!

NOW We Have A Game! Home Field Advantage And The All-Star Game

Back to the baseball All-Star Game.

I have to laugh whenever I read blather like this from Michael Rosenberg, who I actually enjoy reading, regarding the All-Star Game determining home field advantage in the World Series:

"The All-Star Game, which had turned into a show, has gone back to business. And if the home-field advantage was the carrot that did it, then (Bud) Selig should be applauded."

It cracks me up when folks think that these players need extra motivation to win the All-Star Game. Time and again, I have read and heard players, past and present, go on and on about how there is a distinctive competitive fire in their bellies when it comes to the All-Star Game. They say they want their league to have bragging rights. They maintain that this isn’t just a meaningless exhibition game -- it’s a prize to be won. Back in the 70’s and early 80’s, when the National League was beating the brains in of the American League, you don’t think that riled up guys like Rod Carew, George Brett, Reggie Jackson and Jim Palmer? Conversely, do you think this current AL domination isn’t nagging the hell out of the NL’ers? Don’t kid yourselves, and don’t believe writers like Rosenberg, who usually knows better, when they tell you that the players needed something to make this game important to them.


Ahhh, that was refreshing. We should do this again sometime.

See ya at post #200 -- and hopefully every one in between.

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Mark said...

I think that both Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow should be fired. You're right, a commissioner who has to cancel an entire season shouldn't hold on to his job, and Bettman has watered down the NHL with way too many teams as it is. However, he told the owners that he would get a salary cap, and he has just that, so there won't be too many calls for his head from the owners. And Bob Goodenow must not have thought the owners had the guts to sit out an entire year, as the deal they now have is far worse for them than they could have received when this whole dispute began.

It'll take me awhile to get enthusiastic about hockey again, but hesitantly, I say Go Leafs Go.