Friday, July 08, 2005

And Now, A Word For Our Sponsors....

This is long overdue.

Just wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to some of my regular readers, several of whom have blogs/websites of their own. They have been very gracious in not only visiting me here everyday, but also by linking me from their sites. I truly appreciate their readership and their kind words of encouragement and promotion on their own sites.

So, without further ado, I thank the following: Brian DeCaussin, who has the excellent Beyond the Boxscores blog. You can visit it at Brian is also the winner of an “Out of Bounds” t-shirt, as soon as I get the new ones made, for his reply to my College World Series query.

Ian Casselberry has the eclectic, fun Fried Rice Thoughts blog and is a frequent reader and “commenter.” Ian also has promoted “OOB” on his blog, and I thank him. Visit him at

DolphinFan, who runs My Opinion On Sports, visits me regularly and chimes in with his viewpoints. He also has me linked. Thanks! He's at

I certainly can’t forget my friend and colleague at Motor City Sports Magazine, Kevin Antcliff, who has a very thought-provoking site about the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, which unfortunately took his mother from him. Check it out at Also, Kevin’s lovely wife Becky created the awesome MCS banner on the left side of this page. Thanks, Beck!

Speaking of MCS Magazine, I wanna sey HEY to Muneesh Jain, another colleague there. Munie, you need your own site, too, pal!

An old pal and former coworker, Mickey Kent, found me thanks to the Free Press story of June 24, 2005 and I thank him for saying hi and weighing in. Good to hear from you, Mick!

Billfer over at Detroit Tigers Weblog is another supporter and has plugged “OOB” on his terrific site, which is a sabermatrician’s dream. Check him out at

I know I am probably leaving some folks out, and if I am, I apologize and will make it up to you with another posting, I promise.

Again, thanks to the above and ALL OF YOU who visit me frequently. It makes it fun to know I’m not writing in a vacuum. In fact, please post a comment or email me at so I know who some of you are!! Always up for some more dialogue with you folks!

Most of all, thank you to my wife Sharon, whose love and support encouraged me to pursue my writing career about a year and a half ago. She is the one who loses her husband for hours while I type away. Thanks, babe – I love you!


Kevin Antcliff said...

Thanks for the plug. Maybe we can get my readership up above 10 per day now!

Ian C. said...

Thanks from me also, Greg. The feeling is definitely mutual. Out of Bounds is a daily read for me.

Brian said...

I'm thankful for the plug, too, Greg. The check's in the mail.