Sunday, May 29, 2005

This Memorial Weekend, Let's Remember Favorite Tigers (And Maybe Win A T-Shirt, Too)

Last year's prize; unfortunately, this year
I could only afford some t-shirts

I hope it's not anti-American or anything, but I'd like to solicit your feedback this Memorial Day weekend. In addition to remembering the bravery of the men and women who gave their lives or limbs for this country so you and I can even be doing what we're doing now -- communicating via the Internet -- let's take some time to remember men who gave their best efforts in a Tigers uniform so that we might enjoy baseball at Michigan and Trumbull, or Brush and Madison (I think that's where Comerica Park is).

Participation is simple. Just email me at, or post a comment at the end of this entry, waxing nostalgic about who was your favorite Tiger, and why. Share with us any personal stories involving that player. I know it's tough to pick only one. That's why, once I have all the contributions -- I'll give everyone til June 12, two weeks from today -- I will select three that I will feature on the blog and those three folks will also receive a VERY fashionable "Out of Bounds" t-shirt, and maybe some other goodies. How can you beat that for incentive, huh?

I do hope I get some participation, because it's always fun to hear/read about other Tigers fans' idea of their favorite Bengal. Maybe it was a personal contact in public one day. Maybe it was a home run that moved you. Maybe it was something that player did or said. Maybe it was something from your childhood that stuck with you. Regardless, I want to read them, and share them!

Thanks -- and have a great Memorial Day!!

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