Saturday, May 28, 2005

Are The Conference Finals Still On, Or Did They Get Cancelled?

With stars like Wade (left) and Billups,
you'd think the series would still be on TV

Man, just when I was getting into the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA, they vanish from my television.

That happens a lot with TV shows I like. It happened with a dandy dramedy called "Queens Supreme" a couple years ago, on CBS. It starred Oliver Platt and Annabella Sciorra, and it grabbed me after just one episode. Problem was, CBS only gave it two tries -- TWO -- before pulling the plug, without even attempting a different night/time slot. I'm still ticked off about that.

And now it's happening with the Conference Finals. The series was just getting good -- 1-1 after the two games -- and now nothing. It couldn't be for ratings, do you think? Shaq is usually a good draw. Maybe they should try a different time?

I hate when you don't get to find out how something ends. And there were so many good subplots, too: can young Dwyane Wade rise to the occasion of a conference final? Will veteran Elden Campbell, acquired specifically for this matchup, be able to lean on Shaq enough to make a difference? Will this be Larry Brown's swan song series?

Oh, well.

You'd think with hockey done for the season and having no playoffs, there'd be room for NBA Conference Finals on the schedule. Maybe TNT, ABC, ESPN and the others will reconsider.

I'm going to write them. Please join me -- we'll launch a viewer campaign that they can NOT ignore!!

What's that, you say? The series resumes tomorrow? After a three-day break?

As Emily Litella would say, "Never mind."

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