Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last Night on "The Knee Jerks": Jamie Samuelsen, and a Pistons Roast

We left virtually no stone unturned last night on "The Knee Jerks," the weekly gabfest I co-host on Blog Talk Radio with Big Al Beaton, who's rapidly beginning his own Internet writing empire.

That's because our guest was WCSX morning sports guy Jamie Samuelsen, and between Jamie and our post-guest rants, just about everything got covered!

We talked Lions, Pistons, the Baseball Hall of Fame and Mark McGwire's admission of steroid use with Jamie.

After that, Al and I skewered the Pistons, GM Joe Dumars, and coach John Kuester. I think only trainer Arnie Kander was spared our vitriol.

In fact, so voluminous was our ranting about the Pistons that by the time we were done, there was only time for our "Jerks of the Week."

Some Highlights:

Big Al

On the Pistons:
"I don't like the rotation. They should be playing the kids more. How did Joe Dumars free up all that salary space and still end up with a lottery team?"

On coach John Kuester: "He's grasping at straws. I think he's overmatched. They're built for running yet they play at a snail's pace."


On the Pistons:
"They're not even IN these games anymore. Forget the last time they won; when was the last time they were even in a game?"

On Kuester: "He scares me. He has his head...somewhere. This guy's not with it. His team has no leadership. I hate to say it, but they may have to look for another coach after this season."

On Dumars: "He's been quiet, but maybe that's because no one in the media is going after him. It's amazing how he's treated in this town."

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