Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Last Night on "The Knee Jerks": Talking Turkey About the Lions and Notre Dame

First, a semi-major announcement: “The Knee Jerks” will be moving up a couple of hours!

Beginning December 14, you’ll be able to get your jerkosity two hours earlier. The show will debut its new 9:00-11:00 ET time slot, so everyone can get some sleep on Monday nights!

Thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday and all the hoopla surrounding it, time just wasn't there to pursue any guests, so it was just Al Beaton and me for last night's installment of "The Knee Jerks," our weekly gabfest on Blog Talk Radio.

But that's OK---if you know us, you know that we can fill a 90-minute time slot, no problem!

First up: the Lions, and their Turkey Day performance. We started by warning the NFL to keep its mitts off the game in Detroit. Then we broke down Matthew Stafford's day (should he have played?) and once again Al brought out his "this team is cursed" concern, re: TE Brandon Pettigrew being out for the season with a torn ACL. And, once again, I as the "voice of reason" debunked that theory!

We then expressed concern over the officiating in the NFL, particularly when it comes to supposed "leading with the helmet" hits and phantom pass interference calls.

Next, we talked about Charlie Weis getting the ziggy at Notre Dame. It gave me an opportunity to issue a warning about Michigan's program.

The Pistons were up next and they got a little more than garbage time, for a change. Our thoughts? That coach John Kuester might be learning how to be a head coach in the NBA faster than he imagined, thanks to all the injuries forcing him to change his lineup, rotation, etc.

Lastly, it was time for our "Jerks of the Week." As usual, Al broke me up with the way he spoke about his selection!

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Upcoming guests/topics:

Dec. 7: NHL Central roundtable with Bleacher Report writers from Columbus, Chicago, Nashville, and St. Louis (our last 11:00 p.m. show!)

Dec. 14: Gregory Shamus, one of the best sports photographers you’ll ever know (Getty Images, Pittsburgh Penguins, Red Wings, Cleveland Cavaliers, and others); don’t forget—this will be our first 9:00 show!

Dec. 21: TBD (our Christmas wishes for some of Detroit's coaches and athletes?)

Some highlights from Monday’s show:

Big Al

On the Thanksgiving Day game: “This is just a yearly column that gets trotted out. Something 'evergreen' for the writers.”

On Daunte Culpepper: “It looked like he was pouting on the sidelines. I wonder if the Lions should just cut bait with this guy. He had a showcase opportunity in Chicago but he tanked."

On Notre Dame: “I think Notre Dame isn't going to be able to get the coach that it wants. That program needs to make a decision about the direction it wants to go in. The next coach has to come in and compete for national championships.”


On the Lions: “Maybe in retrospect, they should have just cut Daunte Culpepper after the exhibition season. I think the Lions used Daunte, to a degree---to give Stafford a veteran presence and help him learn Scott Linehan's offense. I don't think the starting job was EVER as hotly contested as it was portrayed to be.”

On whether Stafford should have played on Thanksgiving: “The doctors said he wouldn't really risk further injury. It was a 'pain management' issue. And just because he started the game, didn't mean he had to finish it, necessarily. What are you holding him back for? He needs to play as much as possible so he can learn."

On Notre Dame: “I hate to say it, but if you're a Michigan fan, and you want to see what your program might look like in three years, look at Notre Dame right now. Because unless Rich Rodriguez finds success in a hurry, Michigan is going to end up like Notre Dame: a cautionary tale."

You can listen to the episode by clicking below!

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