Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Night on "The Knee Jerks": Hooping It Up, "Old School", With Ray Scott!

It was time to talk some "old school" basketball last night on "The Knee Jerks"!

The weekly gabfest I have with Big Al from The Wayne Fontes Experience had another jam-packed episode, and our guest was former Pistons player and coach and member of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame (MSHOF), Ray Scott.

Ray regaled us with stories, from his being drafted by the Pistons in 1961, to his time as the team's coach from 1972-76. And we discussed the state of the current Pistons, and got Ray's take on the rebuilding project that GM Joe Dumars is undertaking.

Finally, we talked about the sorry financial state of the MSHOF, how it got to be so bad, and whether there's hope for it. (Ray seems to think there could be a "white knight" on the horizon; we'll see).

It was a glorious (and fast) 60 minutes with one of the "walking encyclopedias" of NBA history---Mr. Ray Scott.

After Ray, Al and I talked some Tigers and Lions for the remaining hour.

The highlights:

Big Al

On the Tigers acquiring Aubrey Huff:
"The Tigers FINALLY did what I've been asking since the beginning of the season---they got a left-handed bat! But where the heck is Huff going to play?"

On the beanbrawl in Beantown featuring Rick Porcello and Kevin Youkilis: "Youkilis was a pussy. The Tigers got bent over by the league with the ejection of Porcello."

On the Lions' exhibition win Saturday:
"I still don't see this team winning more than four games because there are too many issues on defense. The front four produced no pressure against the Falcons' starters."

On Matthew Stafford: "I think it might be a good decision, after all, to have Stafford start Game One of the regular season. If he's the best QB, then there's no reason not to play him. Period."


On Huff:
"He may be what the Tigers need to get over the hump. Sometimes guys who come from last place teams get re-energized. This could be good for both parties."

On the beanbrawl: "To eject Porcello without any warnings handed out was a screw job, for sure."

On the Lions' exhibition game: "I wouldn't read too much into the defensive issues right now. At least the Lions have a coordinator who believes in blitzing and pressuring the QB, and that in of itself is a breath of fresh air."

On Stafford: "It's getting to the point now where if you're looking for reasons NOT to like him, it's like nitpicking. And what an arm he has!"

You can listen to the episode by clicking below!

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