Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Exciting Episode of "The Knee Jerks" Is Waiting For Download!

It was yet another jam-packed episode of "The Knee Jerks" last night on Blog Talk Radio!

My weekly gabfest with Big Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience went off without a hitch, as for the first 30 minutes we were joined by Paul Swaney of Bleacher Report, who will begin a quest in August 2010 to visit all 122 venues in the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA within a 12-month period!

Paul's website is www.stadiumjourney.com, and you can check out more of him and his mission there.

As for Al and me, we launched into a 35-minute discussion on the Tigers, talking about everything from their sorry offense to the team's financial state to Curtis Granderson's off-field distractions. Then we lit into the Pistons and their doughnut-like team (a big hole in the middle), despite the signing of free agent Chris Wilcox. We also pooh-poohed the notion of Big Ben Wallace returning to the Pistons, as has been rumored.

Some highlights....

Big Al: "I wouldn't be surprised if Magglio Ordonez was released when Carlos Guillen comes back."

"You're going to see a much different Tigers team next year. The payroll might drop below $100 million."

"The Pistons are going to have to score 100, 110 points a night to win anymore."

Eno: "Rick Porcello won't be going back to Toledo, EVER. He won't have to ride another bus the rest of his life. That's how good this kid is."

"If Curtis Granderson is going to be a leadoff hitter, then he's got to hit better than .255. He hits homers, but he's getting them quietly."

"I wish the Pistons would quit trying to fill their center position on the cheap."

We also named our respective Jerks of the Week!

You can listen to the show below:

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