Monday, April 20, 2009

2009 NHL, NBA Playoffs In Detroit: When Does The Drama Arrive?

You call these "the playoffs"?

In the NHL, the Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets are engaging in a first round series with all the drama of an episode of The Brady Bunch.

In the NBA, the Pistons appear to be content with playing the part of the Washington Generals to the Cleveland Cavaliers' Harlem Globetrotters.

Where's the grit? Where's the suspense? Where are the storylines?

To paraphrase Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee, "That's not the playoffs...(withdraws a Red Wings-Predators or Pistons-Sixers video) that's the playoffs!"

Winning without drama is OK on occasion. In the Red Wings' case, I'm sure there'll be plenty of anxious moments in the later rounds to satisfy.

Losing without drama is OK, if you choose not to care about the losers. I'm rather fed up with the Pistons' old guard and their overmatched head coach anyway. Can't wait till the Cavs get done with them, frankly. I just hope no one gets hurt.

Ah, but look around the NHL. For if you do, you will see some playoff drama.

How about in San Jose, where the top-seeded Sharks fell into an 0-2 hole against Anaheim?

Or in New Jersey, where the Carolina Hurricanes split the first two games?

Or in Washington, where the New York Rangers skated out to a 2-0 series lead?

The Flyers closed their series with the Penguins to 1-2 after their win yesterday in Philly.

The Blue Jackets will play their first home playoff game in franchise history tomorrow. No doubt that the joint will be jumping. Maybe the crowd will even be loud enough to wake Rick Nash from his slumber.

Sorry, Rick. I couldn't resist.

The Red Wings may still need five games to dispense with the Jackets, after all. But so far, this series feels like merely a tune-up for the Red Wings; something they have to do, because the league requires it.

Again, OK. We've had our share of first round angst in this town. I'm not complaining.

The Red Wings have outscored Columbus 8-1, appear unstoppable on the power play, and goalie Chris Osgood is up to his old Cup-winning tricks.

And Nash has slept through it all.

Sorry again, Rick. That time I was just being mean, I admit.

The Pistons, once they're finished off by the Cavs, should apply at the County Road Commission. I hear that with all the construction going on, there's a big time need for pylons.

I'm NOT sorry about that one. The Pistons annoy me.

Wake me when the playoffs really get going, OK?

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