Monday, October 30, 2006

An NFL Sunday Without The Lions? It Can be Grand, Indeed

A Sunday away from the Lions...

Brisk, sunny fall day. Great day to rake the leaves, and clean up the yard a bit. Well, a lot, actually. Fill up the city-approved compost bags with leaves and grass clippings. Tend to my large pot of dill pickle soup occasionally, and if you've never had dill pickle soup, I beseech you to get past the name and try a bowl. I'll even make you one, if you're nice. It's one of the best soups on this planet.

But there's still NFL on the tube, and lots of it, courtesy of my DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket. Some good games, too: Falcons nudge the Bengals in Cincinnati; Da Raiders spill the Steelers in Oakland; Chiefs win a wild one over the Seahawks in Kansas City; and of course, the Colts-Broncos epic in Denver, won by a totally expected game-winning drive engineered by Peyton Manning and ended by Adam Vinateiri's foot.

But no cringing, no jeering laughs. No rolling of the eyes, no knowing smirks. For the Lions were on their bye week, and it's wonderful how pleasant a Sunday afternoon can be when they are not on the league's schedule.

The actor Charles Grodin has written several books. One of them is titled It Would Be So Nice If You Weren't Here.

A Lions-less Sunday could be retitled It Was So Nice When You Weren't Here.

But then what would we, the all-knowing bloggers, write about?

Well, there are plenty of worse things to ruminate about than dill pickle soup, I can tell you that.

Did I mention it's even better the next day?

Something else it's got over the Lions.

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